We have a vast array of ministries here at Fellowship, all aiming at developing spiritual growth in those that participate.  

Below are our main growth ministries.  Check them out and find where you and your family might want to become involved.

Divorce Care

Divorce is a very real and destructive life event that many Americans are dealing with today.  We are here to reach out to those that are going through this trying experience.  Divorce Care has proven to help many as sessions give the hurting a place to find hope and understanding in Christ.

No sessions are currently being held. Stay tuned for future sessions.

Grief Share

Grief is part of the human experience when a loved one passes away.  Grief Share seeks to help us understand this natural process.  This program reminds us that there is life after a loved one's death and that Jesus has a plan for our lives despite it all.

Beginning Thursday, August 19 at 6PM in Room 217.

Fellowship of Acceptance

Thursdays 5:30PM

This recovery program meets weekly to allow participants a real opportunity to evaluate what addictions they are dealing with and how to overcome them.  The meetings provide a support network for the addict that feels very much alone in their journey.  Real recovery can be achieved through the classic 12 steps along with the life-changing words of the Bible. 


Due to COVID-19, no meals are being served and no shuttle vans are running.


For questions or information, email:

Keith Woodruff, FOA Pastoral Care

Hispanic Ministry

Mondays 6:30 PM & Sundays 4:00 PM

The outreach of Fellowship is diverse.  Ministry to the Hispanic people is offered through two types of outreach.  On Mondays, a special English class is offered meeting at 6:30 PM in Room 210.  This class is not only an educational opportunity, but a ministry and works in tandem with the Sunday component.  On Sundays, Fellowship hosts an Hispanic worship service meeting at 4:00 PM in Room 214.  This growing ministry is pastored by Armando Castillo and family from Southern California.  Other leadership assistance is provided by Charley Harper.


For questions or information, email:

The Church Office

Haven House

Haven House is a non profit organization dedicated to helping abused women and their children on their way toward a life free of violence.  Several from our church help contribute and facilitate this local ministry.

For questions or information, email:

The Church Office

Sierra Osage

Our church supports The Sierra Osage program for young struggling teenage girls.  Periodically, we supply volunteers that lead a bible study and counsel with these special girls.

For questions or information, email:

The Church Office


Scouting is a great platform for teaching children and youth morals, life skills and team work, as well as an excellent way for Fellowship to invest in the lives of families throughout the year as a host church.  Each Monday night during the school year kids meet and learn how to build character and become strong leaders.

Cub Scouts - 6:00 PM in Fellowship Hall (During school year)