Online Campus Minister Position - Information & Job Description

Job Description

The Goal:

The Online Campus Pastor guides, nurtures, and spiritually shepherds people through our online campus.


With our world becoming more digital with every passing day, our goal as Fellowship Church is to intentionally use our online presence to minister, council, and care for all those connecting with us digitally. The online pastor will add a personal element to an experience that might otherwise be just a screen and a message. This pastor will also seek to intentionally connect with those who are otherwise unable or unwilling to attend services in person, giving them opportunity for prayer, guidance, and spiritual growth.


This pastor will lead and develop the online presence of Fellowship Church, which includes information, resources, the online community, and building/establishing our Online Campus. The role is both a leadership position as a pastor and a technical guru. The main task of this position is to work side by side with the rest of the pastoral staff to develop and implement an effective avenue for online attenders to be intentionally discipled. This pastor will also lead and build a team of volunteers to perform these essential functions.

Essential Functions:

•Research, establish, and lead the online campus. The model should include service elements each week, logistical support for online campus volunteers, follow-up on campus guests, and working with third-party service providers.

•Setting up online groups and teams for community building.

•Host online campus services and develop procedures, processes for chat communication, prayer, and salvations.

•Build awareness of online campus via social media and other avenues.

Other Weekly Tasks:

This position will also build / maintain all of the media and design needs of Fellowship Church, including but not limited to -

1. Video

•  edit Sunday footage for the following below:

2 - Message video

3 - Full Worship SVC

4 - Render out sermon audio

•  cut and edit any video work for special programs / event promotions / event reviews

•  archiving all work

5. Work on sermon series content (in tandem with Senior Pastor & Team)

•  graphic work (stills) for all media content

•  sermon Bumper work (video) for Pre-sermon usage

6. Work on any graphic needs for signage or other ministry department needs

7. App Updating & Changes

•  upload any media

•  transfer over message munch questions & sermon notes

8. Maintain Website

•  update information

•  upload any media

9. Maintain Video Channels

•  upload message / worship media

10. Maintain the Catalog of Sermon Audio

•  upload sermon audio for podcasting

11. Maintain Social Media Accounts

•  ADs / Promotions ran if needed

12. Streaming Updates / Trim Previous Video / Scheduling

13. Stream Sunday 10AM Online Worship Service

14. Stay in touch with Lodi Church regarding streaming / technology needs

15. Monitor and maintain Media budget

16. Implement equipment upgrades (purchases / maintenance)

17. Develop and maintain any volunteers needed for Media work

•  camera operators

•  grips for production


•Technical – Working knowledge of Photoshop and Adobe Products, Google Apps

•Ministry – Pastoral Leadership, community group leadership, leadership development

•Communication – Exceptional online communication experience, phone skills, writing, public speaking, creative communication, and blogging.

•General – Project management, organization, multi-tasking, cultural relevance.


Will advance the mission of Fellowship General Baptist Church and support its doctrine and practices.

Will contribute to the team spirit of the staff and congregation through fellowship, coordination, exhortation, cooperation, prayer and other appropriate ways.

Is growing in walk with Christ by spending quality time in prayer and Bible study.

Evidences foundational spiritual values such as integrity, faithfulness, compassion and praise.

Displays ministry skills such as effectively recruiting team members, managing or coaching others, motivating others, and graciously correcting others when necessary.

Displays effective stewardship principles in own life and fiscal responsibility through proper planning and budgeting ministry programs and initiatives.

Maintains a healthy balance between work and family.

Establishes and communicates goals and implements strategies for goal attainment and reporting.

Exhibits excellent oral and written skills, teaching and presentation skills, and has proficient computer skills.


B.A. or B.S. degree preferred

Ministry experience in organization, hospitality, and teaching

Needs ability to manage and supervise a volunteer staff

Agreement with the doctrinal position of Fellowship General Baptist Church


The Online Campus Pastor’s first responsibility will be to the senior pastor and then the pastoral team. Will report monthly to the church council. Advisement and evaluation through the Pastoral Advisory Board.

Compensation and Benefits:

Salary and benefits will be recommended by the Pastoral Advisory Board, submitted to the Finance Board, and approved by the congregation. The salary and benefits package will include salary, health insurance, retirement and mileage allowance.

Salary in the $30,000-40,000 range plus benefits (including health insurance)

Time for annual vacation with pay:

1-5 years of service: 2 weeks of vacation

6-10 years of service: 3 weeks of vacation

11 or more years: 4 weeks of vacation

Two personal days per week will be coordinated with the other pastoral staff.

The Call

The Online Campus Pastor must receive a 3/4 majority vote of all members present who are eligible to vote at the regular or called meeting for that purpose. (See Article VII, Section 2a, Constitution and By-Laws)

The Online Campus Pastor shall be elected to serve so long as duties are satisfactorily performed and relations among the pastoral staff and the congregation are cordial.

Termination and resignation shall be preceded by a 30-day written notice.

To apply, please send resumé and/or digital portfolio to: