About Us

Events are one of the best ways for us to build community and have fellowship.

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Who We Are

In April of 1973, the group of people that would become Fellowship General Baptist Church met for the first time. They gathered in the Town and Country Restaurant, owned by Sid and Lois Ferguson. God wanted them together, and by July of that same year they officially organized as a church.

Over the years, God has blessed the ministry of this special people. Literally hundreds have experienced the life-changing power of the gospel: souls saved and souls reclaimed ; young men and women called into ministry; lay people trained and activated; and need-meeting ministries performed (the hungry fed, the naked clothed, the cold warmed, the sick and imprisoned visited; and widows, orphans, and handicapped cared for.

This is Fellowship Church's calling. It's our past. It's our present. It's our future. Today, we state our mission to develop faithful followers of Jesus Christ.  We seek to accomplish this through the fulfillment of three objectives in the lives of our church family.


Reaching the Unreached

We will encourage and train the church family to bear (share) witness to their faith to those who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.


Building Healthy Christians

We will encourage everyone toward healthy relationships with God and other people.

We will encourage our church family to take advantage of the means of grace for spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study, worship and fellowship.


Preparing for Ministry

We will help our church family discover who God made them to be as we encourage them to find a ministry with which to serve the Lord.

What We're About

There are three spiritual beliefs to which our church family firmly grasps:

  • Everybody is welcome.
  • Everybody gets in the same way.
  • The price has already been paid.

We believe Jesus Christ died on the cross so that a relationship with God is open to everyone in the world.

We believe that the access point to this grand salvation is the same for everyone - by faith.

We also believe that Jesus paid the price for our salvation, and that our personal good works could never be enough to earn it on our own.

We are a fellowship of imperfect people.

We are building a life with God together, and we invite you to join us in the journey.

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What We Believe

Our purpose statement is: To Develop Faithful Followers of Jesus Christ

Our missional objectives are:

Reaching the Unreached

We encourage our members to share their faith.

Building Healthy Christians

We want to promote spiritual growth through study, worship, prayer, and fellowship.

Preparing People for Ministry

We will help members discover their gifts and encourage them to use those gifts in service to God.

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Music & Worship

Our earliest worship service is traditional with the use of hymns and occasional choir performances.  Our latest worship service is contemporary in it's styling with the latest in praise and worship featuring a full worship band.  The powerful message is constant as sermons are generally identical in both venues.  Come and experience quality music and touching worship in either of our services.

Praise Band - a select group of musicians that meet regularly on Wednesday nights to prepare for leading worship on Sunday.

Fellowship Choir - open to "anyone" with a passion to use their gift of singing for the Lord.  This group meets regularly on Wednesday nights during the school year preparing worship anthems and octavos for our Sunday worship.  

Cheri Dawe is the director of this special ministry opportunity.